Field Studies Courses

At Tanagh OETC we have developed a range of environmental and field study courses which may be delivered over 1-day or a residential. We deliver Field Studies for:
• Leaving Certificate Geography: “The Geographical Investigation”
• Leaving Certificate Biology: “The Study Of an Ecosystem”
• Junior Certificate programmes in Geography & Biology
• Third Level Students specialising in environmental and the natural sciences or conservation management
• Programme suitable for adults and children
• Fun Taster Sessions

• An important aspect of the Centre’s environmental policy.
• Complements the work of Primary and Post-Primary schools by linking in with modules of the Geography, History and Science curricula.
• Provides a history of Dartrey Estate and Dartrey Heritage through woodland walks or canoe paddles
• Teaches environmental care and waste management
• Provides a practical knowledge base of Dartrey Woodland habitats and Dromore river habitats
• Engenders a love of the environment

Geographical Investigation

At Tanagh OETC we have developed a 1-day course for your students to gather the information required to complete their Geographical Investigation Workbook. Our Field Studies Instructors will help your students conduct the geographical investigation in line with the new geography curriculum.
Download Geography Brochure

The Study of an Ecosystem

Tanagh OETC is beside Dartrey Forest and the Dromore River Natural Heritage Area (NHA) with lakes, ponds, rivers, woodlands, bogs, wetlands, meadows, and hedgerows. Our one day course is designed for students to investigate habitats and ecosystems and to meet the requirements of the biology and science curriculum.
Download Woodland Ecology Brochure
Download _Freshwater_Ecology_Brochure
Download Junior_Cert_Science_Ecology_Brochure
Download National School Ecology Brochure

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