Outdoor Activities for Youth Groups

Youth Programmes make up a large part of our work at Tanagh OETC.  Whether you're looking for a fun day out for your youth club, a developmental programme for your youth service group or the challenge of learning new & exciting skills we can design a programme for you.
Our Youth Programmes are very flexible and can range from a half-day activity to a five day residential programme. We also work with a number of youth programmes on a more regular basis where we provide activity sessions over a number of weeks giving participants a chance to build on their skills.
Our experienced and qualified staff who have worked with youths from varying backgrounds will challenge and teach the young people new skills while having fun. All our activities are designed to be fun and to develop a spirit of adventure. We also aim to challenge youths, to help them develop skills and to give them a taste of the many adventure sports that are accessible to them.

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