Secondary School Outdoor Adventure Team Building

Did you know that Tanagh's Outdoor Learning Programmes improves Health & Wellbeing.

Junior Cycle Outdoor Adventure Programmes

The Physical Education Curriculum for Junior Certificate students includes a number of areas of study representative of practical activities. One of the seven activities include ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES.
Adventure Activities provide students with the opportunity to develop personally, socially and physically in a safe and challenging environment.

Tanagh OETC presents the student with an element of adventure and challenge in a controlled environment which can lead to the development of qualities such as self reliance, self confidence, responsibility, regard for others and respect for the environment.

Adventure Activities seeks to develop in the junior certificate student:

  • The skills and techniques which will facilitate enjoyable participation in adventure activities
  • Decision making skills, leadership qualities and awareness of positive group dynamics
  • An understanding and appreciation of the need for environmental protection
  • An awareness of personal safety and a basic knowledge of first aid with particular reference to the outdoors

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Leaving Certificate Outdoor Programme

Tanagh OETC introduces Leaving Certificate students to adventure & wellbeing activities with the purpose of:

  • Training students to a high level of performance in a selected adventure activity and in return receive certification from the NGB
  • Demonstrating to students an understanding of the need for both personal and group safety procedures
  • Create an awareness of the necessity for appropriate personal equipment
  • The student will identify and employ relevant planning concepts when participating in an adventure activity
  • The student will also develop a respect for the natural environment and an understanding of important environmental issues.

Leaving Certificate Applied Outdoor Programme

This Programme may be offered as a 5-day non residential programme for schools within driving distance or as a 4-day residential programme for students from schools located further away.

As environmental studies & wellbeing are an integral part of the LCA Leisure Studies Module we offer the students the choice to take part in a River Study or a Woodland Study. These are classroom based to start with, then we move to outdoor locations and with a hands on approach the students will complete the tasks and experience the outdoor environment to its full potential.

In keeping with the LCA curriculum we then offer a skills based course in either Canoeing or Electronic Orienteering.
Here the students will be taught basic canoeing skills in line with the National Governing Body of Sport. The Canoeing option also includes a full day river trip on the Dromore River system with a packed lunch on board and an assessment day where successful students will receive a Level 1 proficiency award from the Canoeing Ireland.
In the Electronic Orienteering option the students will learn the basics of mapreading and navigation as well as compete in an orienteering event.
As the course only runs over a 4/5-day period students must choose one environmental study and one skills based course.
Regardless of the option taken Tanagh OETC staff always start each programme with a team building morning to allow students and Tanagh OETC Instructors an opportunity to get to know each other.

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Transition Year Team Building Programme
  • Do you want to have a multi Adventure Day?
  • Do you want to have a fun Team Building Day?
  • Do you want to come to Tanagh OETC for a Residential stay?
  • Do you want to get a Canoe/Kayak Course Qualification?
  • Do you want to get a Gaisce Award?

If YES, Tanagh OETC has all the answers.
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Team Building Activities include:

  • Brown Bog TeamTasks
  • Raft Building 
  • Mountain Biking
  • Low Ropes Course
  • Canoeing or Kayaking

Tanagh Outdoor Education and Training Centre has designed an Outdoor Education programme specifically for Transition Year Students to help fulfill the mission of The Transition Year Programmes as set out in the National Curriculum ie …”to promote the personal, wellbeing, social, educational and vocational development of students and to prepare their role as autonomous, participation and responsible members of society.”
This programme may be delivered to students as a 5-day non residential programme or as a 4-day residential programme for students from schools further away from the centre.

This multi activity programme is designed to:

  • Facilitate bonding between individuals in new or rearranged class groupings
  • Develop social awareness
  • Encourage personal development through the meeting of challenges, team building exercises and conflict resolution
  • Provide students with an opportunity to discover a hidden talent or source of enjoyment hitherto unsuspected

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What are Secondary School teachers have to say:
"Staff are so helpful, organised & experienced, this is the number one reason we return each year for this trip. Thank you for yet again another fantastic Tanagh experience. Great Bunch of Instructors" (O'Carolan College, April )

"The staff were absolutely wonderful- we had a student who was physcially challenged and they were wonderful with him- showing great sensitivity and providing support while making sure that he was fully included in all activities. Wonderful and much acppreciated" (Carrigallen VS, May )

"Very well organised, worked well with young people, got everyone involved, very competent, professional & helpful staff. We will be returning again soon" (Loreto College, Cavan, Oct )

"The campfire was brilliant. The students always have a great time. Thank you" (Our Lady of Mercy College, August )

"Excellent positive, Can-Do Attitude given to student" (Castleblayney College, Oct )


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